Troubled Times

from by Lifespent



The title track of this EP is lyrically a continuation of The Cave but on a more personal point of view. It's mainly about growing up and seeing your surroundings slowly being engulfed in this fucked up world without asking any questions. It's also a critique of the process hyperindividualism that we all go through all around the world. ''Ignorance is bliss'' is the motto while we are being robbed of our humanity.


My surroundings are dazed • Trapped in this growing maze • All following the straight line • Classical way to kill time • Walls are being built • without any guilt • Temperature is falling • Slowly and alone we’re dying • Ears are turning deaf • as we make our way to death • No more compassion • in the name of progression • All those who choose to • look in the right direction • will suffer no repression • but will dwell in delusion • No one can escape • My fate seems locked • No escape, no freedom • I might just die • and bury this anger with me • We live in troubled times • No luck in this world of crimes • We live in troubled times • No luck in this world of crimes


from Troubled Times, released August 11, 2015



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Lifespent Montreal, Québec

Montreal hardcore; founded in 2012.

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